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권순관 (Kwon Soon Kwan) – A Door


권순관 – A Door

아름다운 날들
그 빛나던 오후
너의 목소리
닫혀가는 문 저편으로

익숙한 온도
서로를 전하던
움켜쥔 손을
놓아주어야 할 시간이 왔구나

잊지마, 숨겨놓은 그 마음속의 보석을
누구에게 다 빛이 될 그 마음을
언제라도 어디라도 그 사랑을
간직하길 바래

고마울 뿐이야
평범할 수 없는
내게 기대어
눈을 감고 날 바라봐줘서
참 고마워

저 문을 나서면 어떤 세상이 있을지
눈물이 많은 네가 걱정되지만
한발자욱, 한발자욱 디디면 돼
날 알기 전처럼
그러면 돼

안녕 우리, 안녕 이젠
아주 머나먼 길에 서서
너를 위해 기도할게

나란한 걸음
지나쳐 간 풍경
마음을 담아
날 부르는 그 목소리를
잊지 않을게
Kwon Soon Kwan – A Door

Under the glimmering sun
On that graceful afternoon
Your voice from
The far side of the closing doors

The warmth
All too familiar
The time has finally come
To let go of this hand
The hand I held so tightly

Don’t forget, the gem hidden inside you
The treasure that will shine for whomever
Whenever, wherever you are, don’t let go
Of that love

Thank you
For bearing with me
For always looking out for me
Even when nothing seemed right for me
Thank you

What world awaits past that door
I can’t help but worry for your tears
But one step at a time, we’ll take
Back to before you knew me
One step at a time

Goodbye, goodbye one last time
From as far away as possible I’ll stand
Still, praying for you

Under the glimmering sun
On that graceful afternoon
Your voice, my name
I’ll never forget your voice
That called out my name


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Thank you so much for doing this!
I really appreciate it!

Al a
Al a

Glad your back mate!


Hey Michael, it’s been so long.. Can you do The Black Skirts’ Blood and Thirst?



Hello Michael! I really like your blog and I really enjoy reading your stories, Have you checked out Leebada’s latest album “Blue Ocean”. It has some great songs in it, and I think you might like the song “Believe what you want” from it :)